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April 09, 2009



Hope you have a great time! My best friend from growing up who also happens to be my cousin was just here a couple weeks ago. And I know how needed just those fun silly times can be. Even Isabella (before doing something silly) asked us once "Can you laugh at me, like you laugh at yourselves?" :) We did, but I think we were still laughing at ourselves and that my daughter noticed that we do that. :)


Hope you had/are having a great time!!


Hi , I wanted to tell you about this new book just out I paper back by Tom Sturges, who really feels strongly that all parents, single, alternative, gay, nuclear, share a lot of the same issues. When Tom was 3, he lost his father, the legendary music producer Preston Sturges. Tom has imagined what the perfect dad would be, what he would say and how, and now he’s written about it. He has come up with some wonderful and common sense ways to deal with every day problems. It’s: PARKING LOT RULES, and 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children. I’d love to send you an excerpt…just let me know where.

Kind Regards,

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