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June 29, 2007



Oh no it is not your imagination at all- Caillou is the whiniest of all whiners! When after my oldest son watched Caillou just once or twice when he was younger and picked up the whining Caillou was immediately banned from my house. I want to support the show because I love the diversity of the characters. But super whiny tantrum thrower? Umm we have enough of that without someone giving them a script!

I can tolerate just about any show as long as its educational. My two absolute refusals are Caillou and Barney. I love the Backyardigans as well. I'm currently absolutely thrilled because after years of trying to persuade him my oldest one loves Veggie Tales! So we have a blast with that too (have an entire Veggie Tale playlist on the ipod for the car too).


I can't stand him either. And Bebe looooves him. Being the fabulous mother that I am (hah), I take slight digs at Caillou in front of the kids from time to time. I can't help it. That kid brings out the worst in me! ;-)


The Doodlebops and The Wiggles...can't stand them! I have a 4 month old so she doesn't watch but my niece (2-years old) loves them. I remember some years ago another niece loved Maize on Nick jr--that was so annoying.

And I'm with you on the Backyardigans. That Uniqua is my girl!


Oh my goodness -- I hate Caillou. He's an absolute brat and I can't figure out the bald thing, I don't know if they are trying to make him like Charlie Brown or what. Isabella has finally outgrown him, but she loved him for a while too. I really like the Backyardigans too and Diego. Dora kind of gets on my nerves too, but I can handle that. Isabella likes the Wonder Pets, although they kind of get on my nerves. Although the one where they saved the "puppy that had to go pee-pee" cracked me up. I CANNOT by any stretch of the imagination do Teletubbies!!! Boo Bahs were pretty bad too, but thankfully those didn't last long on tv.


LOL! Everybody hates Caillou! Hilarious! I guess it's not just me.


I've seen the Caillou cartoon and I don't care for it either.

Thankfully, Snuggle Bug is still at the stage where he enjoys Sesame Street. He doesn't watch much more than that on T.V.

He does like to watch certain movies (Ice Age, Dumbo, Nemo, Bambi) over and over again. It's enough to drive you a little bit crazy!


found you on being mama daily. callilou is okay, but he is indeed whiny. it's those darn carboard cutout wonder pets i can't stand. and i love some backyardigans too. it just take you back to all those adventures you had in your yard as a kid. when it was safe for kids to do that. i also love that the show was created by a fellow brown girl...


My Gav has always liked the shows I didn't care for. Like he was obsessed with Mickey Mouse Club House for months. Now he doesn't care abotu it and its all about Blues Clues. But I want him to love Jack's Big Music show, and he just won't.
I feel bad for you though Caillou is bad. What kind of name is Caillou anyway?


Oh yeah T used to whine too after watching Caillou that is why I told him that show went off the air.


I cannot stand Caillou! It's the parents that really bug me more than anything! LOL


Hi - found your blog through Mayhem and Magic. Caillou pretty much ranks up there as the most boring cartoon out there. I'm not sure it its his voice or the fact that he's just boring. We and then we had to go and add insult to injury by purchasing the Caillou computer game.


Okay...obviously in the minority here but i actually like Caillou although I don't quite get the bald thing or the name for that matter. He is a bit whiny but I think the show overall is wholesome. My youngest is really into right now.

I can't stand Doodlebops, The Wiggles, and whatever the name of that new show that just came out...strange looking characters. Anyway, I know I'm behind here but i couldn't help but comment on this one! LOL!!!


My daughter likes to watch this character from time to time, but mainly, it's all about Dora in my house!!

Steve M

Caillou is a little wuss who will grow up (in cartoon land) to be a big wuss. "No! I can't do this job Mr. Boss, it's too hhaaard!" I've always wanted to make my own voiceover of that cartoon... "How about I put my foot up your ass Caillou? Still not going to give the shirt back to Rosie?"

Seriously though, remember the episode where he saw his Mom giving Rosie his old shirt and he wouldn't let her have it. So he spent the day wearing this ridiculously tiny shirt to prove it still fit him. And his Mom let him get away with it!!

Mommy of Josie

I tell you ! I just did a web search for others who thing "Caillou is a wuss" I can't stand him, and thought I was just being a grouchy PMS sleep-deprived mom. But I think I've found some friends . . whew!


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Good to know I am not alone. I have pinpointed the problem. My daughter has developed a nasty whining habit. Although I can't stand Caillou I enabled the whining by letting her watch it every night before bed. Now she is obsessed and I must go cold turkey. Ahhh I can hear his wimpy, whinny voice as I write this. Additionally, I do not care much for the androgynous parents or grandparents

Matt (Chloe's daddy)

It's amazing!!! I'm not the only Calliou jaded parent out there. My 2 year old Chloe likes that show. I dispise it. If she ever develops the whiny habit Calliou will be history. That kid is so whiny and helpless. I see his adulthood as being filled with vodka and Xanax due to a total lack of coping ability. I think he's afraid of practically everything! I havge an episode title for a Calliou episode! "Calliou racks up $10,000 in psychotherapy bills"



The Rambler

Couldn't help but weigh in on this one. I just posted about it on my blog. I can just imagine that this kid will be a basket case when he gets older. Not only is he a wuss, but his parents are wusses too--the show teaches no discipline whatsoever. What a bunch of politically correct bullcrap. I seriously hate that cartoon.

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